What is Millionka?

What was simply a word for you, will take on meaning and form, will become an indelible impression.


Part of the quarter, put to the forefront of the city in 1867 with the prefix number 18, subsequently cut by the Trans-Siberian Railway into two triangular sections. Labyrinth of secret and tangled walkways, gateways and dead end courtyards.

The Chinese part of the city, "striking exotic visitors astounding", got its stable name back in the early 20th century due to the incredible number of Chinese people living in the famous three-story house-well, popularly called the "millionth yard".


An urban legend that is of interest to both residents and visitors. The hero of many historical testimonies and documents that can transfer an inquisitive citizen into the atmosphere of endless stories of the interaction of representatives of several nations in a small area of a young city.

A vivid historical motif that gave us enough inspiration to create a unique restaurant project of its kind.

Nothing happens by chance

From an ingredient in a cocktail to interior details.

We reveal the secrets of the urban legend daily.

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